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RubberGirl and her breathless orgasms in hard bondage HD Top Video

full day in in heavy rubber with this horny mistress HD Top Video

Serious Rubber Bondage Play by RubberstelNL HD 1+hour Top Video

Rubber Bondage Birthday Party 

party time at Mrs Kim. She invited 4 slaves and a slavegirl for the perfect rubber bondage party. A unique 54min video of hard-core rubber.

Mistress Kim and her rubber slavegirl in extreme bondage

Mistress Kim never fakes or act in her Video's. You have to watch this rubber session with latex super model Miss Fetilicious. Mistress Kim took her outside in the woods for some great bondagefun. Both had a wonderful time and where extremely horny. This video is unique just as these two rubber addicted girls

Rubbergirl hanging upside down in the forest part 1

This is part one of a heavy rubber adventure in the Belgium woods. Rubbergirl is doing the first test hanging upside-down from a tree. It is an extreme hard bondage but there is merci for her this time. Tomorrow there will be no merci. only hard and heavy rubber bondage by a surprise mistress

Long day locked up in heavy rubber to please the mistress HD Top bondage video

In this video I show you what suffering in rubber can do to a slave. I told him to dress up in rubber and wait for me. I love those rubber body's and had to behave myself. But I remembered his brutality from a week before. He was looking on his computer to other mistresses. Just whores with wips who think they understand this rubber world. Today I make sure he will never watch an other women but me for the rest of his live. I locked him in a inflatable bodybag in a small cage. I anflated the bag to its max and left him there for many hours. After 4 hours I let him out and connected him to my orgasm machine. I think he loved his first orgasm. He might have liked the second one but wanted out after this one. He had to learn his lesson. I left him in for hours and milked hem more then dry. There was nothing left from his penis and his nipples where painful and burning from the estim and suction. His body sweating from the heavy and tight sucking vacuum of the pulsating bodybag. Tired from the restricted breathing and breathcontrol. The machine goes on for ever. By the time I had to go to bed I let him out and put him in a bodybag next to me. Good night my boy. He was now even scared to dream of an other woman but me. 

All my video's are filmed from a real play with one of my slaves or slavegirls. Nothing is an act to make it look nice. orgasm are real. I only play with real rubber fetishist. I do nothing I don't like. I am a real rubber fetishist myself and love to be in extreme rubber bondage by myself as you can see in some of my video's. I need this ones in a while to function in the normal world. I am a dominant to man by nature. I am a strong woman and know what I want. Rubber and bondage are my biggest passion in live after my family of course. Please male me your rubber fantasies. Who knows I can make them mine in a next rubber play and film this. XxX Kim

Heavy Rubber Bondage by the real real Rubber Mistress 

Only a real rubber Mistress can understand the needs of a rubber slave. Extreme rubber bondage with great passion and love for the material and her slave. He is packed in many layers of thick rubber. Totally enclosed and isolated from the outside world. In tight unescapable bondage. Forced to endure the most extreme fantasies of the Mistress. No safe-word,  He must trust his mistress. She brings him into his deepest subspace. 8 hours of sweating in loneliness. This is heaven for a real rubber fetishist. I made this Video with all my pleasure All you see is real and no act. The cameraman had to work around me and did a great job to film it how I see this truth my own eye.

Hi-Tech Rubber Torture By Mistress Kim

A great new fetish video. The most exciting rubber mistress in the world. She is the queen of rubber. In this video she shows one of her slaves completely helpless in heavy rubber bondage equipment. The materials she uses are state of the art. A brand-new heavy vacuum bag and the extra thick ultima bag. Her slave is entertaint with some horny rubber video's while being teased by the mistress. This extra sensation keeps him on his toes for many hours. He is heavily sweating in the thick layers of rubber, completely isolated from the world. Begging for oxygen and enduring the pain  

orgasm control in heavy rubber bondage

How to make a rubber-slave crazy. This boy was incredible horny. He loves tight rubber bondage but not for a whole day without an orgasm. Mistress Kim keeps him on the edge for hours and hours. She went out shopping and came back after a few hours. He thought she would give him an orgasm now but still she ruined his orgasm. finally at the end of the day she forces him to come and keep coming. 

Rubber-girl up to her limits in heavy rubber bondage. Best rubber movie ever

Rubber-girl is addicted to rubber and bondage. Today she planned a day of heavy rubber play with a good friend. He is a brutal switch just like she is. He brought her a new toy. The self deflatable airtight rubber vacumbag. She is the first to try out this extreme rubber bondage device. Soon the air is totally out and she sucks the rubber tight to her body. The sensation of complete isolation in rubber and the breath control is indescribable. She lost count of her orgasms. After her 2 hour ride in the bag it is payback time. 

The return of the rubber doll slave

Not just a rubber movie but real passion for this material. Mrs Kim goes to the limit with her rubber doll. He has to stay the whole night in 4 rubber body-bags and is locked-up in a box. In the morning she wakes him and makes him horny as hell. Herself is getting wet and she brings herself to an orgasm. Now its time for an other intense bondage for the boy. She keeps him in strict bondage for the rest of the day. Finally he goes into the last horrifying bondage. The breath-control vacuum-bag

Rubber Straitjacked HD Top Video

A hard day for this rubber slave. After 6 hours of intense bondage he made a big mistake. Without permission or any warning the little bitch had an orgasm. The mistress was really angry and hangs him upside down in a rubber straitjacket and milked the boy empty. This is a brand new and real video. Nothing was an act or faked. Have fus watching and tell me what you would like to see in my next rubber- play video's

A breathless Sunday in rubber with Mrs Kim.

This slave wanted a relaxed Sunday in a rubber body-bag. Mrs Kim gave him the pleasure but made it a little more intense for her own pleasure. She brings in some nice breathplay into the game to let it know he is totally in her control. This rubber slut just kept coming over and over again. 

The heavy rubber sessions part 8 HD TOP VIDEO

The most extreme bondage in heavy rubber by Mistress Kim. Layers of rubber and tight leather belts. Inflatable bodybags and tight fitting masks to control the slaves breathing. And of course a most beautiful mistress that really enjoys the things she is doing. Sometimes the Mistress is jealous of her own creations. She is a real rubber addicted fetishist.  

The rubber bound puppet HD Top Video *****

Hi class Fetish by Mistress Kim and her rubber puppet. This is one of my best video's. It has extreme and heavy rubber bondage and is so erotic. In the start of this movie I was packed in the same rubber straitjacket and mask as my rubber puppet. I wanted this same feeling to know exactly how far I good go with this rubber slave. I was in it myself for almost an hour. I left him in the jacket for more then half a day, fixated to the bondage-chair. Later I bound him in a body-corset and a lot of strong leather belts and let it suffer for an other 3 hours. After that I put it to bed in a inflatable rubber bodybag and make the puppet orgasm in the morning. He came out exhausted but with a big smile. I am really proud of him. He didn't complain at all.

Rubber Jogger captured by 2 Rubber-Girls 

The dream of all rubber boys. Jogging in a forest and see 2 lovely girls in rubber making love to each other. He thinks he can watch them without being seen but unfortunately his phone goes off and the girls capture him and inflate him an the strongest and thickest rubber bodybag. They milk hem totally dry and leave him behind in the farmhouse. 

The Female Rubber Patient of Mrs Kim.

A beautiful rubber girl is visiting Mrs Kim with a big problem. The girl is to horny and wears rubber all day and plays with her self every minute. She wants Mrs Kim to help her. There is an extreme therapy to help the poor girl. She wont be able to use her pussy for 1 week. After that week she comes back to Mrs Kim. She rewards the girl with multiply orgasms on the Sybian orgasm-machine. This is the most erotic and sexy fetish movie ever made between 2 real rubber girls. All orgasms are 100% real

Mistress Kim as the Dominant Rubberdoll

Mistress Kim covered in 100% rubber. In this session she is dressed as a doll and still she feels sexy as hell. See how erotic doll-play can be. Her rubber slave has to endure some most extreme and heavy bondages for a whole day. He is not allowed to orgasm or pleasure him self and that is really hard and torture with the mistress of his dreams so nearby. whole day long he can only breath truth his nose. The mask he is wearing is extremely tight and thick. As long he stays calm it wont bring him into panic.

Hanging in the inflatable rubber prison. HD Top Video

Super horny rubber fetish video. The ultimate in rubber bondage. Hanging in the air but without air to breath. Mistress Kim in what she does best. Torturing Rubber slaves. Only she can know what is best for them because has experienced everything herself as a real rubber fetishist. In this video 3 extreme and heavy bondage scenes. Have fun and watch this movie in full rubber gear. 100% you orgasm before the end of it. 

Breathing in heavy rubber with the mistress.

A real sexy session with Mistress Kim and her slave. Heavy rubber makes her extremely horny. In this video she first leaves her slave for 3 hours in an inflatable rubber bondage-bag and locked up in the isolation box. Only an air hose for his oxygen to keep him alive and she loves to play with that hose to bring him into panic. A feeling he loves. After al those hours of e-stim and heavy sweating in the box she fixates him to de bondage-chair for more breath-play games. To go to the max she wears a gasmask herself to feel the same restriction of air as her horny rubber slave. She takes her time and by the end of the session she decides it not a bad idea to use the vibrator on her self. After she relieved herself it time for her slave to milk him empty. 

Mrs Kim and her tortured and milked rubber slave.

On this warm summer day Mrs Kim ordered one of her rubber slaves to come to her studio. He was wearing his cock cage for 7 weeks now. He was not allowed to wear any rubber in these 7 weeks. She inflates him in one of her extra heavy bodybags. To make it even more intens and heavy she uses clingfilm for over the bag. It is now even stronger it already is and the pressure inside the bag is crushing the poor boys body. Breathing is really hard and that is not the only torture he hat to endure. After hours in the bag he goes into an other bag on the bondageboard. Now she is milking every last drup of sperm out of his big bals with the venus-2000 milking machine. His first load exploded within a few seconds. After 2 more hours she is finished with him and the cage goed back on and she sends him back home with some instructions for is wife in an envelope. 

The heavy rubber sessions part 7 HD TOP VIDEO 

This time real heavy bondages. Great images of slaves in real trouble. struggling for there freedom.

The heavy rubber sessions part 6 HD TOP VIDEO

Mrs Kim at her best. Erotic Sensual and extremely kinky. new video's of my best rubber sessions. These video's are never shown before and made from real games with my rubber sluts. I played with one of my rubber freaks outside in the garden. Let him suffer in a inflatable bag in the burning sun. Other scenes in my playroom in restrictive rubber bondages. Almost to much kink for one movie.  Who wil be my next rubber bondage object? XxX Kim

The Best in extreme and heavy Rubber-Bondage. Exclusive Video by Mistress Kim

Heavy rubber bondage and extreme rubber masks. This movie is one you will always play over and over again. It is so exciting and erotic. Mistress Kim is one of the only mistresses with a real fetish for extreme rubber. She loves it all and believe she has tried it all herself. She knows how far she can go and keeps her slaves on the edge for a long time. We are very happy with this movie and enjoyed making it a lot. The slave was on the chair for 4 hours and in de bondage-bag for an other 3 and didn't complain only ones. Because of the many different masks Mistress Kim was wearing it looks like there are many different mistresses in this video but it was all here. Somewhere in the movie Mistress Kim was getting to horny and we decided not to cut this out. It is a surprise for only the people that buy this movie. have Fun

The heavy rubber sessions part 4 HD TOP VIDEO

A lovely day with my slave in heavy rubber. So exciting to him suffering for me as long as I want to. I made it real hard for him. At the end of the day I had to use so strong estim to get the last drip of sperm out of him.

Torture in the new Rubber-Studio HD TOP-VIDEO

Mrs Kim in her element. Some high tech rubber bondage gear and the stongest E-stim unit on the marked to torture her slave. He was finally allowed to spray his juices in the open air and he came real strong. His cum was launched over the mistresses her suit and mask what brought him in trouble again.

The heavy rubber sessions part 3 HD TOP VIDEO

You have never seen so many extreme rubber bondages in one movie. Mistress Kim on her best in her Rubber Playroom. See her torture her rubber slaves in a most erotic way. She is not just a mistress. She is the ultimate dream for a rubber fetishist. Slaves want to be bound for hours until finally they deserve a relief by her. It is an honor for them to be treated by this sensual rubber mistress. Some slaves will be overloaded by orgasms given by the venus2000 others will get no orgasm at all because of there bad behaver. 50 minutes of ultimate rubber bondage. Have fun watching this movie. 

In the Mood for red rubber and torture *** Free special bonus video

A brand new video of mistress Kim torturing her rubber object. 

Special for my fans a private bonus video of me and Miss Fetelicious having fun. She is a good friend and beautiful fetish model with a hart of rubber.


Using Rubber Slave for own Plesure

Mistress Kim makes good use of her rubber slave. She secures him in a rubber punishment suit to the chair. The only thing he kan move are his fingers and that is just what he has to do to please his mistress. She places her pussy just on his hand and let him make her come. He will be bound the whole day in this position and at the end of the day she places him in a rubber bodybag for the night.

The Rubber Bondage Prisoner

Mistress Kim runs a private correction center for men that need to be changed into loyal partners to there wifes. After days of lock-up into heavy rubber bodybags and straitjackets they do anything to keep there partners happy. See in this video the sadistic smile of the prison warden.

Heavy Rubber in the Bedroom. HD Top Fetish movie

A man and female couple in layers of heavy rubber make rubber love to each other. The mistress is wearing a real heavy rubber catsuit. The man is in a rubber prison suit by studio gum to start with. Over that goes a super heavy suit by black-style and to seal it all up an extra layer in the form af a heavy duty rubber drysuit. It is a hard job to get him packed in all the layers. After he is sealed in she bounds him in a strong canvas bondagebag and fixates him to the bed. They love the total enclosure. the heat in the suits is building up fast. They breath each others breath by connecting the gasmasks together. She teases him with vibrator and after hours she allows him to orgasm. This is a unique fetish movie for the real rubber fetishist. A dream for those who like heavy rubber and multi layering.

Rubber Mistress Kim and The Serious Kit ... best movie ever !!!

I really don't want to tell to much about this video. It was one of the most interesting things I did in last couple of months. What I tried to do was to bring together all the things I like in one session. Like heavy inflatable rubber, breathcontrol, longtime bondage, estim, nipple torture and forced multi orgasms by the serious-kit. The slave I used for this session is normally not that easy to handle but in this session he was overloaded with stimulation and torture. It is my best video so far and I think one of the best rubber-video's ever made. Have fun watching it and let me know what you think of it. XxX Mistres Kim 


RubberGirl in Rubbers-Finest Sarkophag

RubberGirl tried the most heavy inflatable rubber bag in the world. It is made by Rubbers-Finest from Germany. Also the mask is extremely heavy and breathing is restricted by the build in smellbag She was in for over an hour and loved the total enclosed feeling. The bag is so strong and heavy that escaping is not possible. She is completely sealed of the outside world. The rubber prison warden added a vibrator to force her to orgasm several times

Orgasm Control for Horny RubberGirl in Rubber-Bondage

RubberGirl is packed in heavy rubber bondage by her master. For hours she is bound in straitjackets Bodybags and in inflatable rubber suspended in the air without any relief. Her master loves to see her struggle in layers of shiny rubber. After hours of begging for an orgasm she is finally going to get it. But not only one. The rubber master makes her come over and over in the inflatable hammock and after she is freed from her bondage he takes more use of his horny slavegirl by fucking her hard and make her suck his hard cock. Even that is not enough for her. The lang lonely hours in rubber bondage made her extremely horny and she masturbates for more massive orgasms. She is heavily rebreathing her breath with her favorite mask.   This video is all real and no acting. Watching this video makes you so excited. The sound of her breathing and all the horny noises she makes. It is the perfect rubber video for men and woman.   

The heavy rubber sessions Part 2 HD Top Video

Mrs Kim is punishing a slave with longtime heavy rubber bondage. He is strapped to the chair in a 2MM extreme punishment suit for many hours. After that he is inflated in an bondage suit and ending the session by locking him up in de box of terror. In the meantime Mistress Kim is having fun with a vibrator to pleasure herself.  A great video with lots of bondage scenes and the most sensual rubber mistress in the world.

Rubber Bondage Party With Mistress Kim HD Top movie

I played a long day with this horny rubber slave and finally I broke him. I hang him up I inflated him, I tortured him with E-stim and clamps on his sorry nipples. I controlled his breathing and bound him up in so many different ways. By the end of the day I was so fucking horny myself that I needed a relief. Not much longer after my pleasure I made him spray his juices in his tight catsuit. I think this rubber slave wil behave the coming weeks. and after that I start all over again and make him suffer even more and longer. 

Mrs Kim using Rubbers-Finest mask on her rubberslut

Rubbers-Finest is the best manufacturer of heavy rubber masks in the world. Mrs Kim had the change last year to visit there factory in Germany. The owners are real nice people that must have a hart of rubber. In this Video Kim is testing a beautiful mask from there collection on her new rubber-slave. After she fits him with the mask the real torture begins. She is testing this slave to its limits and enjoys to see him suffering. The result of this rubber session is a great video that feels so real. You can feel the slaves pain and fear.

Mrs Kim is testing new gear on her rubber slave HD Top Video

Mrs Kim find a new nice slaveboy to tease and torture. The boy was not new to rubber bondage but never experienced torture in heavy rubber. But completely bound and inflated in the extra thick rubber bodybag, his torture almost feels like heaven.See this short video with all elements of rubber fetish. Mrs Kim at her best....

The heavy rubber sessions Part 1 HD Top Video

This video is the result of real heavy rubber sessions of Mrs Kim and her rubber-slaves. Real hard rubber torture. Lots of different rubber outfits and masks. Bondage in ruber bodybags, multi layering for complete isolation from the outside world. This material is brand-new and never shown before.


Mistress Kim is specialized in extreme rubber bondage. Her slaves do anything to get a change to be treated by her. She loves to immobilize her slaves with rubber inflatable bodybags, straitjackets and special bondage furniture. Mask there faces and control there breathing. Use many layers of rubber on there body. She makes them feel her own body but they can't touch her. She makes them completely crazy, torture there nipples and leave them bound for hours. Than bring them close to an orgasm but never to close. Only she decides when it is enough and if they deserve to have an overloading orgasm. After that Mrs Kim changes from a cruel mistress to a caring loving sweet and warm woman. She hugs her exhausted slave and brings them slowly back on earth.


Mrs Kim brings her RubberGirl into Subspace. HD Top Movie *****

This video I shot yesterday and was the most erotic I ever made. It felt so good to me. This is what bdsm is all about. More real then this it can't get. She loved it from the moment I touched her. I dressed her in rubber and put a mask on this lovely slavegirl what made even more sweet. I made no plans at all for her and wanted it just to happen and it did. I tortured her nipples with love. Her pussy became wet like a river. I toke her breath away with a rubber transparent sheet and bound her in a bodybag. I added  e-stim plugs in her pussy and her behind. The e-stim unit automatically run up from 40 to 90 %. I forced her to come more then 3 times. I left her in the bodybag for the night and fall asleep next to her.